Why Choose Brian Curtis Solicitor?

Value for money 

Superior personal service + affordable price = value for money


Brian provides you with a one-on-one professional conveyancing service. Brian is the only person you deal with the whole time, ensuring seamless and timely communication.  


Quick to respond to your preferred method of communication: phone, SMS, email or the traditional ‘face-to-face’.  


Brian believes in providing an affordable legal service, without the expensive price tag that usually comes with a ‘solicitor’.   With a family of his own, Brian appreciates keeping costs to a minimum, and so provides a fixed price fee, without any hidden ‘extras’.


Peace of mind 

20 years experience specializing in property law + attention to detail + comprehensive, professional advice + full indemnity insurance = Peace of mind


Brian is a solicitor who takes time to ensure every aspect of your transaction is covered, taking a ‘no stone unturned’ approach.   With years of experience and yearly professional development in the area of property law, Brian will make sure your interests are fully protected.  Brian has built his business based on word of mouth.   With a high rate of client satisfaction, Brian has many longstanding clients, who come back to buy or sell through him for the next family home or property investment.



Breaks down process into easy to follow steps + pro-active in dealing with issues before they become problems for you + easily contactable & approachable + organized (so you don’t have to be!)


There are many things to consider in buying or selling a home and many pitfalls to avoid.   With 20 years experience in conveyancing, Brian has had to deal with virtually every possible challenge that you might ever have to face.  Monitoring the progress of your transaction every day, Brian ensures that any issues are dealt with promptly, to ensure your purchase or sale is as smooth as possible.    The most frequent feed back from Brian’s clients is “Thank you Brian Curtis Solicitors, you made it so easy!!”.



Brian graduated from the Australian National University with a double degree of Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce in 1996.  Brian quickly found his niche in property conveyancing, working with a legal firm Canberra as an associate property lawyer from 1997 until 2002, when Brian established his own firm, Brian Curtis Solicitor.   Since establishing his own business, Brian has personally handled thousands of property transactions across NSW & ACT, from million dollar mansions to modest rental units, from large residential land developments to small rural blocks .    Focusing on superior service to clients, with a high rate of referrals, Brian has never felt the need to advertise.