Fee Summary

$1290 (includes GST) + disbursements.

Total bill from Brian is in two parts:

  1. Fixed professional fees of $1290 (which includes cover all professional time, GST and ‘sundries’ such as postage, photocopying, contract forms, postage, telephone).  
  2. Disbursements (expenses) paid on your behalf (title and property searches, registration fees and agent charges where settlement occurs outside Wagga or ACT)

For most sale transactions, disbursements are around $205

For most purchase transaction, disbursements are around $165 


Mandatory searches for SALE of most residential houses:

  • Title search $17.48
  • Deposited plan search $21.24
  • s88B covenant search $19.99
  • s149(2) council certificate $53
  • Sewer diagram $70
  • Land tax clearance certificate $24.44

Most common disbursements for a PURCHASE of a residential house:

  • Final title search $17.48
  • s603 Council rates search $70
  • s603 Council water search $70
  • Stamp duty online processing fee $7.11