What do you do as a conveyancing solicitor?

To efficiently and carefully assist in the transfer of legal ownership of a property from a Seller to a Buyer.

This includes all necessary advice and support to a Buyer or Seller through every step of the transaction:

  • Pre-contract (before any property is listed for sale for a seller or before any offer is made on a property by a buyer)
  • Contract stage (negotiating and advising on all aspects of a sale or purchase transaction, including building and pre-purchase reports)
  • Pre-settlement (arranging all legal searches, liaising with lenders to arrange discharge or advance of loans, preparing settlement)
  • Settlement (attending to the final documentation and payment transfer for a property)
  • Post-settlement (providing detailed account for the transaction, banking funds, registering documents, advising Council and agents of property transfer, answering any follow up questions from clients)